Casting is complete!

The last pieces of the puzzle are in place – Marietta Theatre Company welcomes Atlanta actors Sherrie Rothermel, Jeff Trink and Clay Stokes to the cast!  I can’t list the places you might have seen these fine actors – too many to count! But we are honored to have these veterans of stage and/or screen.

These fine folks round out our already superb cast which includes, Adam Laborde, Alison Brady, Angela Christie, Beth Weltz, Chandler Harrelson, Daniel Morgan, Gina Ann Riggs, Jeff Cooper, Jennifer Loudermilk, Katrina Stroup, Landon Ebuna, Lindsey Clotfelter, Michael Barthel, Nikki Clotfelter, Samantha Blake, Sydney Silver, Tina Cooper, and Zac Phelps.

Tickets will go on sale June 1 to the general public, BUT our Kickstarter page will soon open where you can secure tickets before anyone else! Keep checking back for information, and PLEASE go to our Facebook page and like us and follow us there!