Job Posting: Technical Director

Marietta Theatre Company is seeking the following position for the rest of the 2023 season: 
Part-time Technical Theatre/Production Coordinator 
Duties will include: 
Meet with the Production team to plan upcoming production design 
Work with the board production committee to coordinate todos for tech week 
Create a work calendar for all technical work to be completed (set build, lighting, sound, painting, 
set dressing, etc.) & communicate them to the proper people 
Assist in all tech elements (set build, painting, etc.) to ensure a smooth opening 
Ensure theater space is ready for opening 
Help coordinate people to run sound & lighting for the run of the show 
Finding and securing rentals when needed (props, costumes, scenic pieces) 
During the run of a Show: 
Ensure set safety 
Ensure or fill in when necessary for lighting & sound associates 
Maintain all elements of the show as necessary 
Laundering costumes as necessary 
Post Show: 
Coordinate load-out activities including cleaning the theatre after load out 
Return all equipment, props, costumes, etc. to the rehearsal space 
Returning any rented/borrowed props, costumes & scenic pieces in a timely manner 
Laundering all costumes before they are put away/returned 
Between shows: 
Maintain rehearsal space – organize costumes, props & ensure space is clean & stocked for 
Assist as needed with other MTC activities  
∙Report needs to Board  
Necessary Skills: 
Working knowledge of construction and set design  
Working knowledge of lighting design 
Working knowledge of stage rigging  
Working knowledge of audio and sound reinforcement  
Working knowledge of stage management/or production management  
Working knowledge and clear understanding of professional standards of stage safety 
Effective communication is a must!
If this position looks like a good fit for you, please submit your resume to by June 30, 2023.