Auditions – Escape to Margaritaville


Marietta Theatre Company (MTC) encourages and embraces participation from cast, crew, volunteers, and patrons of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, abilities, and ages.


  • In-person Open Call Auditions on Sunday, July 21 from 10-5
    • Dance Calls: Your choice of 10am – 11am or 4pm – 5pm (If you have them, *BRING TAP SHOES JUST IN CASE!)
  • Virtual auditions will be accepted through Friday, July 19th by 11:59pm
  • In-person attendance at Callbacks on Sunday, July 28, 2023, 12pm – 5pm is required (if selected for Callbacks).


Auditions (Open & Callbacks):

MTC Rehearsal Studio (the basement of Mystic Owl Tattoo)
646 Roswell Street, NE, Marietta, GA 30060
*Please park in the back and enter downstairs at the back of the building.

Performances: Marietta’s Theatre in the Square, 11 Whitlock Ave NW, Marietta, GA 30064


  • Prepare one 60-second maximum cut of your preferred powerhouse musical theater/rock song (not from Margaritaville). Please bring an accompaniment track. An audio plug-in will be provided
    • For male-presenting candidates, select a song demonstrating emotional range and vocal power
    • For female-presenting candidates, select a ballad or similarly evocative piece
  • Headshots and resumes are collected digitally within the audition registration link, and physical copies are not required

  • Click HERE to register for your in-person audition on July 21, 2024
  • Click HERE to submit a virtual audition. Submissions are due no later than 11:59pm on Friday, July 19, 2024


  • In-Person Callbacks (By Invitation Only): Sunday, July 28, 2024 12pm-5pm
  • Read-Through & First Rehearsal: On or around September 3, 2024
  • Rehearsals: Generally 3 days per week (two weekday evenings and either Sat. or Sun. depending on availability)
  • Mandatory Tech Week Rehearsals: Select Dates from Wed, October 30 – Tues., November 5
  • Performances: Wed., Nov. 6, 8pm (Friend & Family Night); Thurs., Nov. 7, 8pm (Opening); Fri., Nov. 8, 8pm; Sat., Nov. 9, 2pm & 8pm; Sun., Nov. 10, 2pm; Thurs. – Fri., November 14 & 15, 8pm; Sat., Nov. 16, 2pm & 8pm (10 total performances)
  • Strike: Sun., Nov. 17

All cast members will receive a $400 stipend and should be vaccinated against COVID-19, when possible.

Show Synopsis

Escape to Margaritaville brings the laid-back and tropical world of Jimmy Buffett’s music to the stage. The story is set at a fictional island resort and follows Tully, a carefree and charming bartender, and Rachel, a career-focused tourist. As they navigate the complexities of love and life, the musical features Jimmy Buffett’s greatest hits. Escape to Margaritaville is a celebration of island life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. *Rated PG-13


Tully: Male identifying. 25+. Smooth-talking, self-deprecating playboy. He’s completely content with the life he’s chosen as the singer/bartender at a tropical resort until he meets Rachel, a vacationer who upends his heart. Guitar skills are useful. Tenor. This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss.

Rachel: Female identifying. 25+ Fully committed to her job and helping the world. Willing to put in as many hours of hard work as it takes and expects everyone else to do the same. Suspicious of fools and operators, Rachel is not easily distracted from her life plan. Mezzo-Soprano. This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss.

Tammy: Female identifying. 25+. Loyal friend to Rachel. Sees the best in people and has a zest for life that is often squelched by her fiance, Chad. Her low self-esteem manifests itself as denial in her own life. Mezzo-Soprano. This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss.

Brick: Male identifying. 25+ The Island bartender. Has a big heart and is a good friend to Tully. Not the brightest bulb, but sensitive and thoughtful. Tenor. This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss.

Marley: Female identifying. Character age: 45-60, written as a native Islander but open to any ethnicity; The owner of the resort, Marley has put her life and soul into this place. She works hard and tries to keep everyone in line, but she loves her employees (and all the island gossip). She’s no-nonsense, knows what she needs from others, and knows exactly how to get it.  Soprano.

J.D.: Male identifying. 40+ A funny, endearing older man who always has a parrot on his shoulder. He’s losing his vision and his hearing, but won’t acknowledge it. A good-natured drunkard, he’s always writing his memoirs on bar napkins and, as it turns out, he’s lived a full life. Baritone.

Ensemble: TBD # person male and female-identifying ensemble who will make up the world of the Margaritaville.

Click HERE to register for your in-person audition on July 21!

Please email with any questions. We look forward to having you at auditions!